7 signs its time to talk to an SEO agency

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Every task on creating and building the brand for a website looks feasible until it reaches a point where you find no sufficient time or resources to do it along with other scheduled online business works. The point is when you reached the next level of your business and require some assistance from an SEO agency. Here I am going to give brief details on the 7 circumstances of your online business that requires the consultancy of an SEO agency.

Situations where you need some advice and guidance from the SEO professionals:

1. When you launch a new website

Some websites which are at the transitional phase from old to new website requires to keep the consistency in the way the old site structure engaged with the users and in the page rank. Possible issue that affects the consistency of the new website is page redirection. The loyal customers who often visit the site might get redirected to an error page when they enter the old url address. They are not aware of the changes made in the site structure. So in this situation a business owner need the assistance of an SEO firm to take care of the issue and the owner will be given a positive solution as 301 redirects. So what does a 301 URL redirect do? It redirects the users entering through the old url to the new location of that particular page, and same for any internal links also. This won’t affect the page rank in search engines result page.

2. When you reach the next level in your local business

What are the necessary steps you need to take when you have achieved the local business strategies and surmounted the local audiences? The next recommended step would be finding your competitions and how much capital investment it takes to shine in that market. And to maintain the consistency in reputation for the next level, take the advice from an SEO company to compete with your competition in the market.

3. When there is no time to do more work with less skilled team members or in-house workers

As a new business owner you may have done all the works by yourself but when you got the result for your efforts and your company grows in a rapid phase, the promotional work for your online presence will become higher. So here you are in need of some in-house workers assistance to maintain the routine works gets done on the scheduled time frame. But what if you are in-house worker does not possess the required skill to handle that work? Seek an SEO company’s assistance to get your job done on time without affecting your daily routine works for the business.

4. When the social media audience reached the peak level

Getting a huge amount of social media followers will show the effort made by the organization in bringing the brand awareness to their services/products. But what they get as a result for their effort has to be meaningful. Any organization can attract huge number of followers and it is doable activity for them but whether you make a profitable business out of them has to be considered. What your non profitable followers actually are doing in your social media page? They are just looking out for some information or for your random pictures. In order to make them profitable audience what you need to do further into your business. Probably, a best advice on social media from a reliable SEO firm could do the magic for you.

So how SEO can take you to the successful path in this situation?

Optimize the older content of your page with seasonal keywords, increase the external link to your social posts, and add infographics to your content easy visualization of your idea behind your content. Seasonal keywords help to grab attention of the online users/ buyers to the site when they search for items or products for their upcoming seasonal festivals/events. In those way seasonal keywords adds value to the pre-existing content to worth share it on social media through infographics or usual social media posts. Search engines favors sites with trendy keywords to put them high in result pages.

5. When paid advertisement cost is too high to advertise

Paid advertisement is the reliable source that could bring more traffic to your website. But when ROI is not attained it becomes too expensive and exhaustive to spend more on them. SEO can help you to get in the first page of the serp the same way paid advertisement do but with free of cost. Whether its seo or paid, only popular keyword get hits to the ad. Organic traffic i.e. SEO brings more traffic than paid advertisement when the content of the site meets the standards to reach the top of the results page. SEO can take some time to bring quality traffic when compared with paid but when it reaches that stage it will bring consistent growth to the business.

6. When you sales decreases

Most online business owners seek not only a huge traffic to their website but also to increase their sales. SEO helps to optimize the landing pages with long tail potential keyword added to the site. It helps to add long tail keywords by doing proper keyword researches. Simple keyword research includes identifying the competitors, reviews, alternatives and discount offers in Google search suggest data. Including a Call to action in your page is not enough but to include the quality content that engages your users to buy is the key to increase sales.

7. When your past marketing outcomes weren’t good

If your past marketing results weren’t the best, it doesn’t mean you’re inability in marketing. A reputable SEO firm may guide you to fix those bad past outcomes. They have experienced similar situations with other online business owners and helped to find the path to the success. So don’t give up when the outcome is not as expected and correct your mistakes from the SEO agency’s advice.

If any of the above mentioned circumstances resembles your position in online business be sure to fix it at the earliest by consulting a suitable SEO agency for your needs.

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