How to collaborate Information Architecture and SEO in your website

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Usability, findability and understanding, these three terms helps in determining the user experience of a site. Good user experience adds the major benefit of getting higher page rank in SERP as search engines favor sites with well-organized and structured layout.

Usability: Defines how user-friendly a website is and how easily a user can interact with the website.

Findability: Defines how easily users can find the information they are searching for in a website.

Understanding: Depicts the importance of the content .i.e. the information. Provide relevant and attractive information.

Information architecture helps to implement all the above stated three terms in a website and working together with SEO techniques helps to create a well-organized website that meets all the requirements for ranking high. Information architecture (IA) is design principle focused on creating information findable and understandable.

Some common mistakes website owners do with information architecture

Website structure designed without understanding the audience.

Improper navigation on the website leads to user distraction. Allow users to focus on the information. The user can easily switch to another site; they don’t want to waste time on a site where they don’t know what to do next.

Inconsistent navigation breaks the user’s way of approaching through the website. When navigation continuity is lost user is stopped and puzzled at a single page.

How to overcome the mistakes by collaborating information architecture with SEO

Set up a goal before structuring your website to analyze your audience. If your website is all about online store then add the keywords and description that are more relevant to that product/services search.

Good website navigation increases usability. With increased user experience a site has all the ingredients of an SEO friendly website. Search engines give priority to those sites to rank higher in search engine results page.

Choose a navigation style that allows information delivery in an easy way. Breadcrumbs and sitemaps are easy to use navigation styles. Breadcrumb allows users to keep track of their location within a website. Sitemaps are the list of website’s urls useful for both users and spiders. Spiders/crawlers are used to fetch the urls of the website that allows search engines to index them in SERP.

Design your website based on the principles of information architecture and maximize the usability, findability and understanding for the audience. The collaboration of information architecture and SEO in your website provides organized information and easy to navigate the site. Make large websites accessible within a few clicks and increase the user experience. Increased user experience in a website paves way for higher page rank in search engines.


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