How To Maximize Social Media Reach

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Social media has become an important factor of an organization’s online marketing strategy. Over the years since the onset, the social networks more than a billion users have become active on social Medias like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. it has become closely tied to mobile use. Different powerful features of the social media platforms when integrated together provide a major source of the online business.

How can Dolarge help you make the difference?

As the famous quote goes – “ A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark”, On a sunny day, the tiny spark of Dolarge Tech also caught the imagination of a few geeks over a bored coffee break. Thus started Dolarge Technologies in 2013 with a handful of professionals who could boast of a decade of experience in their respective areas. Dolargetech is a small startup with big dreams and a mission of providing customer engagement services to businesses. It is a team full of passionate and dedicated professionals, ready to innovate and provide digital solutions to help clients scale new heights. Since it’s inception, it has made steady and good progress, with a string of happy clients who have benefited greatly from it’s services.

Strategies to amplify traffic of the website through social media

Define and set up your profile. Define who you are and what you are going to offer. Use proper words for your products and service that people search on social media platforms.

Update your profile as your brand matures.

Promote your social media profile with the other communication methods you have established with your customers like regular email regarding your products and services with customers, through websites and blogs.

Define your content marketing strategy. It is the important step for the social media reach. Before promoting content on social media make sure which content like image, video, animated content, etc depending upon your audience you are going to promote.

Promotion of other digital properties. Post your websites link; use blog posts link on social Medias so that visitors from social media platform visit your website.

Participate with other social media brands by commenting on topics on which they are focusing on to get attention of their customers and visitors.

Create a user engagement strategy by creating polls and asking questions to your customers.

Use social media tools to make the overall process (scheduling posts, post content on other social media platforms, monitoring hash tags, monitoring competitions activities) an easier task. There are a number of social media tools available to facilitate this process.

Promote using paid advertising.

Adjust social media strategy by relying on metrics/insights.

Following these strategies helps to increase the reach on social media. With social Medias, it’s up to marketers to make sure to use its best advantage.

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