How To Optimize Your Blog Content

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To be successful in online business the ideas and approach you share with digital world have to be unique and attractive. It helps to expand online business to a higher level. Blogs with perfectly optimized content have the fortune to be seen widely.

Great content should be attractive images, quotes and great offers for the customers. Optimized elements serve for better ranking in SERP and also reach wide range of audience. As the contents are attractive there is huge possibility for it to be shared on the social sites and thus increase traffic to the website. Blogs receiving huge traffic are good enough to get business leads and eventually increase your business network.

Standard ways to optimize the elements within the blog

Mobile friendly content: Optimize the layout of the website to be mobile friendly. Create responsive web design that has an equivalent page for mobile also. It allows search engines accurately to serve your content to mobile searches depending on the layout defined in the design.

Keyword research: Use keywords that best suit the blog post. There are several tools available online for the best keyword. One of the best known is Google AdWords keyword tool. It allows to research keywords related to your blog’s topic and also allows to figure out on keywords and phrases used by the competitors from which they get traffic to their website.

Optimize images: The practice of adding a suitable keyword for the blog’s images alt text attribute and using a keyword for the uploading image file name are the best practice to follow when adding images to the website.

Internal linking: Internal links are hyperlinks that refer to the same domain as the domain where the link reside on. Linking the old blog posts by creating internal links within the website emphasize the importance and progress.

Sample Link:


Keywords with anchor texts are the topic of the blog or source page of the website that is trying to target.

Add call to action: A call to action is the text on a web page that makes the user do an action. Making the user not only to sign up for the newsletter but also to make them give a request through the call is considered a call to action.

These standard ways of optimizing the contents in a blog of a website benefit the business owners to rank their site higher in SERP and create anticipation for customers to visit the website. As a result, it provides more traffic to the website. More quality traffic brings more leads.

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