Link Building It Doesn’t Die

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One who is new or well known about SEO should have come across the important off page technique called link building when optimizing their website for the purpose of creating brand awareness and increase traffic from it. At the beginning, link building is considered as the recommended technique for creating awareness. As time progresses, the advancement in technology has made it not only recommended but to provide quality content to meet the requirements of the standard website.

How was link building recommended for SEO in the past?

In 1990’s, during its beginning phase, link building was considered as the most important technique to get crawled by search engines. But soon it becomes distant from the standard way of using it, as proper algorithms have not followed to differentiate it from those who used link building only for the purpose of getting visitors.

Standard algorithm means content giving importance to quality rather than to quantity. In the past quantity and visitors are mainly focused. Link building comprised of buying links, directory submissions, creating bad links, bulk commenting on third party sites and blogs etc.

The alteration made on link building

As years passed, search engines like Google have been approaching sate of the art algorithms to offer online users the best search experience. These modern algorithms imposed a penalty for search engine optimizers and webmasters who practiced the outdated ways of link building.

Panda restrained websites that used inferior quality content and penguin punishes websites with unsystematic and thoughtless link building efforts, were the two biggest alterations that Google initiated to stop unethical link building.

Don’t s that caused link building alterations

The bad strategies that shouldn’t be followed in link building are
• Commenting on blogs and forums that have no value information to readers.
• Relentlessly adding links to irrelevant directories.
• Submitting article with poor quality, lacking valuable information to readers.
• Buying links.

Opposite to don’t s said above are the ethical way of link building. Link building still plays the vital role in SEO strategies. Link building tactic should be used in a proper way that benefits both the reader and the website that host the quality and valuable information. Your information should engage the user to interact and share the information via social media. Focus on creating links that lead to establishing the long-term relationship. Instead of submitting low-quality article repeatedly to irrelevant directories first give importance on broken links that are yet to be corrected by adding valuable information.


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