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DoLarge Technologies is very much excited to announce that we are now accepting guest blog submissions!! Here we’re looking for valuable and high-quality content to share with our readers.

WHY Guest Blog?

• Guest Blogging helps to build your online influence, credibility and Subscriber base
• You can get quality traffic and increase the visitors for your blog post
• Gust blogging helps you to build relationship with more people — connect with other bloggers, companies.

Topics of interest

As a premier Digital Marketing platform for marketers, we aim to amplify expert voices on the below topics:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Paid Per Click (PPC)
• Social Media Campaigns
• Marketing Automation
• Analytics
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Lead Generation
• Content Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Local(Geo) optimization
• Brand Management
• Project Management
• Productivity
• Sales

We are open to receive articles for tutorials, case studies, researches, posts on the above topics.

How to Submit a Guest Blog

Please email your blog submissions to contact@dolarge.com. You will receive a confirmation mail for your submission within few minutes. Please include the following details in your email:

• Your name
• Your blog post title
• Your blog post, attached in Word document (.doc) format
• Any images you’d like to use, attached separately
• Your author bio (short description about author in 2–3 sentences and Photo (optional))

We will review your article and once it has been approved, we’ll send you an approval mail with the date it will be published on our website and shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+).

Guidelines for Guest Blog post

If you’d like to submit a guest post to us, please observe the following guidelines:

• Your article should be unique and free from grammar mistakes.
• Blogs should be no less than 750 words.
• Content must be valuable and relevant to the topic.
• Make it concrete. Give examples, details, metrics. Tell and show. Make it real.
• Use Sub headings, bullet points, lists and short paragraphs which makes your content much easier to read.
• Use images/videos for grabbing reader’s attention.
• You can include supporting links in your post relevant to the content.
• We will take one business day to review your article if it match to guideline, we will post it.
• Once your article has been published, please respond to the reader’s comments.

Exclusivity & Copyright

Once your blog post has been published in our blog page, you shall not republish the same article anywhere else for a period of 30 days. (including your own blog page, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.,).

Thanks for your interest in blogging for DoLarge! By writing for DoLarge, you have the opportunity to build your own brand and reach a savvy audience of marketing minds.


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