Differences between ASO and SEO

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It is obvious for almost all readers about search engine optimization due to the recent updates that every search engine giants implement for raising the visibility and other concerns like enhancing user-friendly and mobile friendly experience. To brief, search engine optimization is use to raise brand awareness of a website that abide by the up-to date algorithm updates. So there are more facts to consider other than increasing the visibility when it comes to SEO.

But there is another technique that actually deals with the applications on app store like SEO handles websites on search engines. Both techniques do the same work, SEO optimises website whereas ASO (Application Store Optimization) optimises applications. Yet, there are certain key differences that distinguish one from the other technique.

Before getting to know the difference between SEO and ASO, let us see what ASO actually means.

What is App Store Optimization?

It is the process of amplifying the brand awareness of an app within the App Store. You might have come to know some hint about what ASO means from above statements but to make it even simple to figure out ASO just consider App store where different kinds of apps reside in it and the app’s rankings on the store are optimized by a service called ASO.

Factors that help to identify the main difference between SEO and ASO are:

Ranking factors:
One of the primary factors of rankings in App store was the App title. The application title is the attractive thing that contributes to download which creates the best impression when the user sees the app in the app store. The higher the amount of App downloads registered is the amount of trust it offers to the users. Always use keywords in the application name and a shorter and simple title will do better. Short App Keywords play the major role as a ranking factor in the App stores search algorithm. App icon and App title should be relevant to the user’s search keywords.

The major App stores like Apple and Google allows 50 characters for App title so choose short and relevant keyword as it is considered as the Meta data in the App stores. Be sure to localize the App name if you are offering your App in different countries.

Similarly, give a relevant App description as it gives the details on what your App offers.

Apple and Google play store varies from each other when taking Backlinks as a ranking factor. Apple does not rely completely on the backlinks on the App Store whereas Google considers Backlinks as one of the main ranking factors like it gives importance in search engines.

Reviews and ratings:
Another difference between ASO and SEO is the reviews and the ratings of the App. App store has its own rating and however, your application manages to get higher ranking users are likely to tap and download the ones that have got more ratings.

Google play store and Apple play store considers reviews as the ranking factor in a way that manages to extract the keywords from the reviews as well to rank it higher in the store.

Keyword research:
It is the important part of SEO but on the other hand keyword research is not that much possible to do for App store even there are some ASO tools to available to research. The effective and accurate keyword research done in SEO through analytics and Adwords etc. cannot be done in ASO. Accurate search volume is questionable in ASO keyword research.

Application revenue deprivation:
As the App stores are flooded and keep on flooding with new Apps it is not easy to make money without giving a hard fight with the competitors. They can hardly see money from their App.

Final thoughts

ASO will be a new concept for those who haven’t come across it, just like, users read, visit and subscribe without knowing the efforts that an SEO expert undergo to make the website visible or reach them in the search engine. The above said factors were the main things to consider when you compare ASO with SEO. App store serves as the search engine for Apps and its reviews and ratings which are most likely to contain keywords in it, and App Downloads plays a major role in App Store Optimization. Backlinks, the important on page SEO factor have no effect on ASO. Only App title with properly and carefully researched keywords mixed with it brings the App up on the App charts for visitors.

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