Four steps to increase traffic when your rank is not high

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The success of every business owners depends on the innovative and effective approach carried out throughout until they attain their ultimate goal.

What if you have enough creative but less effective approach? There may be some situations where you receive less traffic to your website and undergo sudden fall in rank due to that less effective approach. There are four steps that will help you to increase traffic when you rank is not high or can’t rank high.

Fill the weak spaces of an inexperienced company

If you have a strong domain, good brand awareness and a website to promote your brand frequently, then you have the fortune to overcome the problem of low ranking. You might have come across several barriers that blocked you and kept you away from your goal and remembered the areas where you worked hard enough to break those barriers.

The fortune is you have an opportunity to make use of those hurdles that a newbie in your industry is still working on to overcome. Because they may use the basic steps to build brand awareness which is below the efforts needed to compete with their competitors. Increase the size of your market rather than putting more efforts on a single area to rank high.

So how you can increase the size of your market? Create a landing page and just spread the brand awareness that they lack in areas where you excel, make use of those to increase your website traffic.

Support for the visiting customers

Make products comparison page so that customers who are not aware of buying products that meet their requirements based on cost and safety can view the product listings with all the details along with less or high-cost similar items. This could give you a better user experience and in turn become a factor for increasing your rank higher.

Make your customers emotionally involved with your products

There may be customers who know your products very well and some of them may like to get further involvement with the product. Pinpoint the features that are updated and how it fulfill their needs based on current trends and usage.

Reveal your existence to your visitors

Appear on the websites that the user search by researching their demographic data, do a guest blog on those sites they get influenced. Create content based on those data. Find where they go other than your website, and what they are searching for, what influences them and their profile.

Final thoughts

When you can’t rank high and your traffic is on the downside never get distracted from reaching your goal. “Find opportunity in every difficulty”. Use your alternatives “can’t” area where you probably do better than them to increase traffic to your site. Create contents that could get your customers involved and make it easy for them to search products by creating the search filters to compare the features, price and how it could fit their budget. These things could definitely bring your traffic back to peak level.

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