How to write appropriate titles for social networks, SEO and website

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Writing titles for SEO, social networks and website should be appropriate and what content it offers should be easily identified by the users. Creating titles focused only on a single concept won’t be suitable for users on different channels. The title should have all the ingredients necessary for attracting specific users to a specific channel without any frustration or boredom. The audience must find it resourceful from the aptness that your title shows.

So we are going to see how to tackle such situations when your title does not seem suitable for an audience in social media or for an audience of your main website and also the titles that are not well optimized for search engines.

When considering SEO, titles should earn high click-through rate, rank well in SERP, average bounce rate but not a high rate for the website. And titles for social media should make the audience shared and liked, re-tweeted. Similarly, website titles bring more traffic, make new visitors to revisit and become loyal potential customers.

What would degrade the level of those factors mentioned above for SEO, social media and website?

There are few conflicts that need to be resolved when writing an appropriate title for each channel. Before getting to the solution, it would be a great practice to address the conflicts, so that you will get the results effectively in the future.

What diverts users away from reading a resourceful content?

1. Clicks bait title in social media promotion.
2. Typical keyword phrases used for SEO applied in titles of other channels.
3. Same title for all the channel promotions.
4. The irrelevant or low ranking keyword which demolishes the reader’s intention on the content.

The effective way to add titles

1. The simple basic technique is to go for the exact straight words that portray the content.
2. User-friendly and clickable titles.
3. Imperfect titles like the slight difference in the words that match the concept of the content.
4. Integrate both straight words and user-friendly clickable words with important phrases that rank well in search engines.

Final thoughts

Make distinct titles for each channel audience to avoid conflicts in identifying what the content is about. The smartest way to make slight variations is by adding the twitter card, Facebook open graph markups which allows adding titles to target the specific audience on a specific channel. If you use the management platform like the buffer to schedule your promotion on varies channels, focus on writing appropriate titles for SEO, social media and website individually.

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