iPhone vs Android users: Which users have the highest AOV (Average Order Value)?

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Apple with its extraordinary product, I-Phone X, official release at the end of October 2017, will make a noticeable change from their previous product releases.

Although the number of I-Phone users is low when compared with Android users, the features of I-Phone and the requirement of regular updates for Android phones makes order value of I-Phones greater than its counterpart. With this small known fact, now it is easy to identify which users have the highest Average Order Value.

What is Average Order Value?

The average amount spent by a customer each time an order was placed on various platforms like mobile, desktop, etc. In business terms, it is the sales revenue divided by the number of orders made. It is an important key performance indicator used to measure the sales result of a company.

We are going to probe into some factors that have ultimately contributed to the assessment of highest average order value. One of the top factors that decide the difference in order value among the mobile phone users is the percentage of money spent by those in e-commerce sites. It is found that Android users spent three times less than the iPhone users. The price of Apple’s iPhone X is approximately $999 which is apparently higher than an Android phone with all its important specifications and features. So this proves to be another fact where the Average Order Value of iPhones can beat its counterpart.

It is obvious to track information on how well a device and its applications on mobile platform was used by its customers based on,
1. App downloads
2. Sessions
3. Purchase
4. Reviews & Ratings
5. Operating system usage.

Marketers “Takeaway” from this assessment of AOV

If you are well-known to pull potential customers based on the AOV to your business then promote brand awareness according to the device that users make most of the higher order value. It can be effectively carried out on Facebook and AdWords as these two advertising managers allow marketers to promote their brand only to specified users.

While taking one of the information into consideration on how well a device was used by a customer, operating system usage provides the necessary options to target specific audience like those who use only iOS devices but not Android.

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Ad Manager allows you to edit preference like targeting users on specific mobile devices and operating system. You can choose between Android and iOS devices or just all devices if you don’t want to restrict building awareness only for specified users.


Audience Builder with the help of information created from Google Analytics allows remarketing ads to iPhone users. In Google analytics, you can search for visits based on iOS devices and create an audience for remarketing.

Final thoughts

iPhone users spend more than Android users and it can be judged by the Average Order Value the iPhone users contributed compared with Android users. Make decision effectively when you target audience and reach the desired output of your efforts successfully.

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