The 6 Easiest Video-Editing Tools for Small Business Marketers

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There is no doubt in the fact that video marketing is taking the industry by storm, but we also know that almost everyone in the business world is using videos for marketing and the internet is full of video content that is equally annoying and boring.

So in such a thick jungle of videos what will make your videos stand out and be more prominent? TheĀ answer is your creativity and uniqueness. But these qualities cannot be attained in any video advertisement without the use of graphics and editing. And like any other craft, this craft also requires a specific set of tools to execute appropriately. Here are six easy to use video editing tools that you should consider checking out.

Windows movie maker

Windows movie maker is one of the simplest and easy to use tools out there. It comes built-in with Microsoft Windows. It is a light and simple program that still has all the required basic tools a digital marketer may require for video editing. Windows movie maker also provides the user with numerous attractive and unique transitions and effects that can make your videos more creative.

Some of the most prominent features of the windows movie maker are adding sound effects, video cropping and trimming, video merging and video editing. Overall, it is a great video editing tool that is also free and very simple to understand. For those who are taking their first steps into video editing, windows movie maker may be the best option.


One of the most highly rated and highly recommended video editing software that is available in the market is VideoPad. The primary property that attracts users towards this program is that despite being free it has many features that some may consider premium. VideoPad provides the users with easy import/export functionality. The most prominent features of VideoPad among many other are video stabilizing, color scheme control and it also provides the option to export videos into 4k resolution.


Magisto is an automated, free and mobile video editing application. Magisto is available on almost all mobile platforms including Android and ios while online versions are also available on windows seven and above. While the free version has some great features to get the best experience you will require purchasing a premium account. Magisto provides users with premium accounts starting at only $4.99. Magisto makes it easy to convert ordinary photos and videos into attractive edited videos complete with effects transitions and music only in minutes and on the go.


Videoshop is video editing app that is quite popular among Apple users. Unlike the previously mentioned apps this video editing software is not free but still, it provides users with a diverse range of tools for a very small price of just $1.99. Videoshop is a beginner friendly video editor. Videoshop allows editors to create videos in a very user-friendly interface. This application does not restrict users to any template format. Videoshop provides creative freedom and control to the users. Videoshop is only compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher versions, and it is not provided for Android users on play store.

iMovie app

Another video editing app that is restricted to iOS users is the iMovie app. This is also a paid application, but its features are very diverse and unique. The application can be downloaded for a small price of only $4.99. iMovie provides loads of graphics that make your videos more entertaining and exciting. iMovie allows you to create entertaining and unique videos with many themes and graphics without restricting you to any specific template. Imovie is quite similar to videoshop, but in comparison, imovie is much simple and easier to use.

Quik by GoPro

Quik by GoPro is a program that was built specifically for users who want to edit their videos on the go on their smartphones. The diverse and unique features of Quik can be accessed by both of the major mobile platforms android and ios. By the use of Quik, the perfectly edited video is just a few mobile taps away. Some of the prominent features of this application are video templates, color scheme changing capability and video also has a timeline and video merging feature that makes editing easier. Many mobile users consider Quik to be the best video editing application for mobile devices.

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